Music Video: Head In The Clouds

Since the first time seeing Double B perform live, I was hooked on his energy and I was eager to collaborate with him on a music video. Bobby contacted me back in February to begin working on this project and I was stoked to say the least! We shot a little promo video for his Indiegogo campaign which was a success; huge thanks to all who gave their support financially! Then we sat down a few times to go over the amazing concept Bobby had.

Bobby really put some thought into the main character, "Lightbulb Hands" and
how we could capture the heart of the track. We needed to figure out how to rig up the main character with some lightbulb hands (on a tiny special effects budget)! We also wanted to use a dimmer switch to show his change in emotion. Big thanks to our talented chief electrician/safety coordinator Steven Boessow for making that happen!

We connected Lightbulb Hands to a 100ft extension cord and marched up and down 4th Ave in Olympia, WA. We were quite the scene! It was a really fun time shooting this and working with such a talented artist. Be sure to check out Double B's music and don't miss a chance to see Double B & TJ Laces live; they rock a killer set!!

Daniel Thompson

Recently I spent the better part of a day getting to know local Olympia photographer Daniel Thompson, the owner of Buttondown Photography. We knew each other through a mutual friend so we had a coffee and did a photoshoot together.  This was lots of fun for me, since I'm rarely on the other side of the camera; you can see these shots on his blog. After that, we spent the day in my office tweaking on our laptops, nerding out on all things photography and technology. Daniel is a really cool dude with a great take on life. Be sure to check out his girlfriend's new website as well; she is a talented maker of things. Olympia is a place full of really cool people - just take some time out of your busy schedule to meet someone new!

Vicci Martinez - Come Along (Behind The Scenes)

Recently, director Jon Augstavo asked us to come out and shoot a behind the scenes video for Vicci Martinez's single, Come Along feat. Cee Lo Green. We shot for two full days in Seattle, Washington; it was a whirlwind experience and also inspiring for me in my own pursuits as a video director.

On Day 1 we shot footage of people throwing colored chalk around, representing their freedom, happiness and celebration of life. Day 2 was a huge production at the Triple Door, shooting live performance with Vicci and her band. It was incredible to be on such a big set and working with some really great people!

We were there to shoot video but I couldn't resist documenting the experience through photos as well :) Take a look!

Nani Poonani

We had an amazing time last Friday doing promo shots for my good friend Nani Poonani. She is an amazing burlesque performer and part of Olmypia's Own TUSH! burlesque troupe. These shots are a little sneak peek at her routine she will be performing at Morbid Curiousitease presents Bombshelter Burlesque & Catastrophe Cabaret on 4/20 at the Jewelbox Theater. If you haven't seen Nani perform you are missing out. 

Matthew & Roger's Engagement Session

This is a really special week for me because my younger brother, Matthew flew in from Texas! Matthew's getting married in a couple of days, so we did an engagement session with him and his amazing fiance Roger. Their love for each other is contagious, and they made posing for the camera look effortless! We had a great time together hanging out and taking pictures, and afterwards we ate a delicious dinner at Anthony's Homeport in Olympia. I am truly thrilled beyond words that they found each other, and I'm so happy that I'll have another brother in my life soon!

If you're ever in San Antonio, grab a drink over on N. Main Ave, and look for these fellas at Sparky's Pub and Club Essence! And be sure to check this blog again soon to see Matthew & Roger's beautiful wedding photos :)

The Doyle Family

We really enjoyed being able to spend some time with the Doyle family - David, Capri, Drina, and Cole. They are a really fun bunch!! We traveled down to Centralia and found our destination at Berry Fields, inside the Antique Mall. The cozy, old-fashioned feel of the antiques added a nice touch! Grandma Ann joined in the fun too, and got some snaps with the family.

Here's a peek at our mini session with the Doyles!

She's My Hip Hop Music Video BTS

Last weekend we spent two days in beautiful downtown Olympia shooting with the incredibly talented Marcel Sky Hatter, one part of the hip hop group La Swagga. He recently released a solo mixtape project called Truth Music and we worked together on a cool concept for a two part continuing story line music video. We hit up a bunch of spots shooting at Lids, Old School Pizza, Rainy day Records and the Reef. With a guest appearance from the funny boy Nate Jackson we caused quite a scene outside the Reef Lounge restaurant. Looking forward to sharing this video with you guys REAL soon as well as creating part 2 to the track Break Out, which we are shooting Mid-March. Check out more of Sky's music online at his Reverbnation.

Weekly Volcano Best of Olympia with TUSH!

On a typically drizzly Wednesday the artist and do gooders came out in force to celebrate the Best of Olympia awards party hosted by the Weekly Volcano last night at Capitol Theater. There was a really great turnout and lots of Olympia Pride on display. Hosted by the magical Elizabeth Lord, who was a mighty fine looking mustached cowboy. Entertainment was provided by Olympia's Own TUSH! burlesque troupe. Live music was provided by Science! and Mosquito Hawk. I was announced the Best Music Video Producer in Olympia which was awesome! Really looking forward to working with some of the people I met. I wish I could have shot more smiling faces but all in all, it was a great night!

Erev Rav

We did a quick promo shoot with the high energy and quirky Erev Rav.  They are a lively bunch, definitely bringing that cool vibe and good energy to the stage. We will be shooting a video with them in March and it will be a hoot! Look for that soon, meanwhile check out Erev Rav's music and make sure to catch one of their shows this year!

New Queens On The Block

Jenny Shaw, the owner of the Urban Onion in downtown Olympia, asked me to do event coverage at a drag show last Friday. I had never been to a drag show so I wasn't sure what to expect. Turns out - it's AWESOME! My senses were soaking up all the frivolity in the place. There were dangerous levels of fabulous, yes, also beauty, courage, and proud celebration. It was a sex-positive environment and the audience was very diverse, with all kinds of people represented.

Each Queen who performed entered boldly with authority, performing power ballad lip-dubs and mesmerizing dance moves. As supportive fans tipped money and cheered them on, the incredible performers left their hearts on the stage. I was very impressed with the way they moved the audience and commanded attention.

The New Queens are a group with lots of talent! Be sure to catch them next month at the Urban Onion. (I hear they'll be doing a Comic-Con themed night!!!)

Sarah's Maternity Session

I had a wonderful time doing a mini session with Sarah, whose little guy is due March 1st! Sarah is a close friend of ours, and we had a blast catching up with her while she was visiting for my wife's birthday. This might have been my last time seeing her before Rowen is born, and I wanted to capture this final, beautiful stage in her pregnancy! Enjoy these photos of the lovely Sarah!

Ten Hundred Art Movement

I spent the early part of this week shooting a mini documentary of Peter Robinson, and his art as the painter Ten Hundred. I was super stoked to get this chance since I have also been a huge fan of his rapping/producer work as P Smoov (Mad Rad & Fresh Espresso) in the Seattle area.

Peter's Ten Hundred art is made over strange paintings/canvases found in thrift shops or friends' living rooms. Over these canvases he creates weird, vibrant creatures using bold paints & India ink markers. For two days, I had the amazing opportunity to watch the gradual makings of a masterpiece! The piece sold within 24 hrs for $500. 

The whole experience of seeing the Ten Hundred art process from start to finish was incredible. Peter & I said goodbye over a game of Ping Pong, in which he put the hurt on me. What a guy! Be sure to check out Ten Hundred art, and look out for the mini documentary coming soon; it's really something to see in person!!

Newspin Photo & Native Havoc Presents: Photo Hunt Contest 2013!

In appreciation of Olympia giving us many great experiences and so much community support, we’ve decided to give back to YOU in the form of Photo Hunt Contest 2013! What do you say - do you think you really know Olympia? Well, here’s your chance to show us! Prepare yourself... Red Williamson & Joey LaRocque are giving away some HUGE prizes!!!

Here’s how to participate:

1) You’ll need to like the Newspin Photo & Native Havoc Presents facebook pages if you haven’t already. This is required, because it’s how we’ll announce the prize winners! Additionally, for us this contest is about community. We want to keep you updated about what we’re doing in Olympia!

2) Email with “Your Name: Photo Hunt 2013” as the subject line (please use the same name you use on facebook). Make a list 1 through 20, and answer the corresponding locations of the 20 photos listed below. Try your best, be as specific as possible, and answer as many as you can! Take a little walk or drive around Olympia if you need to spark your memory! Winners will be selected after the contest ends, in a drawing of all the correct submissions.

There are FOUR incredible prizes up for grabs!! This is a rare opportunity for some amazing experiences, so tell your friends!! Here’s what you could win!

  • Two NHP Golden Tickets! That is, 2 tickets to EVERY show from Native Havoc Presents in 2013!!
  • A FREE Music Video with Newspin Films!
  • DJing for your next House Party by the one and only, DJ Native Havoc!!
  • A FREE Photo Session with Newspin Photo ($300 value) -OR- $300 off any photography package!

If you have any questions *, please email with “Question” in the subject line.

Okay... Are you ready now?? GOOD LUCK!! We’ll be waiting to hear from you!
- Red Williamson & Joey LaRocque

* Photo Hunt will be held from January 23rd to February 5th, 2013. After the contest ends, we'll announce the winners on the Newspin Photo & Native Havoc Presents facebook pages. Each winner can choose their prize from the remaining prizes available. If a prize is unclaimed within 24 hours, the prize will be conceded and the next winner will be announced. Don't worry - we'll keep announcing winners until all prizes have been claimed!!

Behind The Scenes: Celebrate Tonight By Allen Stone

We recently had the pleasure of working with incredible director Jon-Jon Augustavo, shooting behind the scenes for Seattle musician Allen Stone's new music video!

There was an amazing team around Jon-Jon that day to help make the magic happen. Producer Honna Kimmerer did a top notch job coordinating the day on set. Assistant Director Adam Leeman was fantastic at keeping things moving and the energy up throughout the shoot. Finally, Lauren Fejarang did a knock-out job of transforming the basement of the Freemont Abbey into the coolest retirement home you've ever seen! Allen & the band brought a really cool vibe to the day, dressed in their Sunday best. There were many "older/wiser" extras on set that had a blast dancing and singing to the music; many of them told us it was a real highlight to be involved in the project.

It was very heart warming to see plenty of smiles and laughter on set while filming Celebrate Tonight! Keep your eyes peeled for Newspin Films' behind-the-scenes video which will be dropping soon, and take a look at these shots to get a preview of our day!

TeeWanz Promo Shoot

We had the opportunity to team up with the Master of the Thrift Shop, TeeWanz. Michael Wansley is a musician singer/songwriter from the Seattle area who was propelled into the limelight, singing the in-your-face hook on the explosive hit song "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. He is leaving soon to perform with The Heist crew on TV before they head overseas to rock sold out shows in Australia & New Zealand. Be on the lookout for new material from TeeWanz later this year!

2012 - What A Year!


As 2012 comes to an end, we here at Newspin Photo are reflecting back on our year. We have to say - it 's been an incredible one!!

Many great opportunities came our way that helped us grow as a business, and grow creatively as well. We never know what will happen next! It's a blast to have a career that consistently brings exciting moments into our lives and keeps us on our toes.

Newspin Photo kicked off 2012 with a commitment to maintain a connection with our facebook followers. We're pleased to say that we increased our page likes in 2012 by 500+!! And we did it organically, without purchasing ANY facebook advertising.

  Rachel Williamson & Matt Guile 

Rachel Williamson & Matt Guile 

Numbers have also increased at the heart of the business; Red added 2 important team members - his wife Rachel now assists with contacting, booking, shooting, and editing, and Matt Guile assists with video production, shooting, and promoting. Integrating these creative minds has added inspiration and structure to Newspin Photo this year, and we're looking to add more members to our team in 2013!


Other highlights from the year include: shooting a gorgeous wedding in Cancun; filming a Home Depot video for Andrew Lauren Surfaces in LA; meeting fun families, sweet couples, and sassy ladies; capturing beautiful ballerina shots in the forest; doing packed, high-energy club photography; designing the Painted Plate's website; shooting music videos for artists including XPFree Whiskey, & Puget; receiving attention from newspapers & magazines; documenting the NW portion of Macklemore's "The Heist" tour; and there's still so much more that could be said! But the biggest highlight of all this year has been the abundant support we've earned from members of the Olympia community.

2012 has been really awesome.
Can't wait to see what's ahead for Newspin Photo in 2013!

  Jay & Maggie's Wedding in Mexico

Jay & Maggie's Wedding in Mexico