Behind The Scenes: Transported Android Amaker Music Video

Android Amaker recently shot an out of this world music video for a brand new track called Transported. The video is directed by my good friend Peter Robinson, AKA Ten Hundred, who asked me to be the cinematographer on the project. It was a rollicking fun day of shooting, drinking and bloody pig hearts. In between assisting Peter and drinking fancy Tequila with the band, I was able to snag some behind the scene stills to give you a glimpse of the video. According to The Stranger, "This is a brand new song off of a local concept album. I dare say it's not quite like anything you've ever heard before. At least not on THIS planet. Some of the players involved are country-punk Brent Amaker, musicians Vox Mod and P Smoov, along with dancer/artist/musician Molly Sides, photographer/artist Frank Correa, and menswear designer Chris Jones (Like a Rockstar)." Its a wild ride of a track, listen after the BTS photos.

You can preview/preorder the album here. And the live performance (think more performance art than live music set) will explode with a singular, one-time-only live event at Neumos on November 7th.

Music Video: Head In The Clouds

Since the first time seeing Double B perform live, I was hooked on his energy and I was eager to collaborate with him on a music video. Bobby contacted me back in February to begin working on this project and I was stoked to say the least! We shot a little promo video for his Indiegogo campaign which was a success; huge thanks to all who gave their support financially! Then we sat down a few times to go over the amazing concept Bobby had.

Bobby really put some thought into the main character, "Lightbulb Hands" and
how we could capture the heart of the track. We needed to figure out how to rig up the main character with some lightbulb hands (on a tiny special effects budget)! We also wanted to use a dimmer switch to show his change in emotion. Big thanks to our talented chief electrician/safety coordinator Steven Boessow for making that happen!

We connected Lightbulb Hands to a 100ft extension cord and marched up and down 4th Ave in Olympia, WA. We were quite the scene! It was a really fun time shooting this and working with such a talented artist. Be sure to check out Double B's music and don't miss a chance to see Double B & TJ Laces live; they rock a killer set!!

She's My Hip Hop Music Video BTS

Last weekend we spent two days in beautiful downtown Olympia shooting with the incredibly talented Marcel Sky Hatter, one part of the hip hop group La Swagga. He recently released a solo mixtape project called Truth Music and we worked together on a cool concept for a two part continuing story line music video. We hit up a bunch of spots shooting at Lids, Old School Pizza, Rainy day Records and the Reef. With a guest appearance from the funny boy Nate Jackson we caused quite a scene outside the Reef Lounge restaurant. Looking forward to sharing this video with you guys REAL soon as well as creating part 2 to the track Break Out, which we are shooting Mid-March. Check out more of Sky's music online at his Reverbnation.