Work Is The Principle Music Video Behind The Scenes

Check out the new visuals for 'Work Is the Principle' by Ang P, Afrok, Puget and MG! The Visionary, produced by Smoke M2D6 of Oldominion. Featured on K Records hip-hop compilation album 'All Your Friend's Friends', Work is bursting of heart and soul with vocals by some of the finest MCs in the Northwest. Everything rides nicely on top of the clever sample of Ashley Eriksson's Sunset. There's a strong focus on honing your craft, providing a showcase different skill sets that play out cinematically. The video also highlights the lifeblood and beauty of the Pacific Northwest that is Olympia Washington. Directed by Red Williamson and produced by Matt Guile of Newspin Films. 

The video premieres tonight 8PM 11/15 at the Olympia Ballroom along with the All Your Friend's Friends mini documentary followed by amazing performances by WildcardTyler Xp AndrewsFree WhiskeyMIZ and Angel Perez of the RLC, and Calvin Johnson. Also including a For MCs By MCs Rap Battle featuring MC AKA and SOS.

Ten Hundred | Reincarnated

If you didn't already know, some of the most dope, original art and music is coming out of the Northwest as it has for years, people are just starting to pay more attention to the upper left coast lately. Somebody that more and more people are paying attention to is Peter Robinson, AKA P Smoov (of Fresh Espresso & MAD RAD) AKA Ten Hundred (painter, creator, maker, dreamer). He has been a major player in the NW music scene and has been making waves with his unique art style and approach. He paints over old canvases and covers them with vibrant, offbeat characters from another universe, such as the Watcher - a diamond shaped creature who sees all that unfolds in this alternate reality. Previously, we did a short film for Peter where we followed the creation of a piece from start to finish in 48 hours. He teamed up with us again to document the creation and preparation for one of his biggest shows yet, Ten Hundred- Reincarnated. We shot for three days over the course of a month to show some the intricacies of putting on a show of this caliber. The check video link below the photos; in the meantime, here are some behind-the-scenes shots leading up to the Ten Hundred art show. 

Demaro Vibe Island Music Video: Behind The Scenes

We just finished production on a really fun music video for up and coming NW artist Demaro to his new single Vibe Island. The concept for the visuals was simple- find your own Vibe Island. His particular Vibe Island involved partying with some beautiful ladies in a beachy setting. Even though it was a gloomy rainy day in the Pacific Northwest we had bikini's, palm trees, beach umbrellas and a kiddie pool, which was as close as we could get to a tropical island. So you have to use your imagination a bit, but it's not that hard as you'll soon see. Be sure to check out Demaro's music online and remember the face because you'll definitely be seeing it again. The video drops this Wednesday so until then, enjoy these behind the scenes photos by Cheyney Jones & Red Williamson. 

Music Video: Head In The Clouds

Since the first time seeing Double B perform live, I was hooked on his energy and I was eager to collaborate with him on a music video. Bobby contacted me back in February to begin working on this project and I was stoked to say the least! We shot a little promo video for his Indiegogo campaign which was a success; huge thanks to all who gave their support financially! Then we sat down a few times to go over the amazing concept Bobby had.

Bobby really put some thought into the main character, "Lightbulb Hands" and
how we could capture the heart of the track. We needed to figure out how to rig up the main character with some lightbulb hands (on a tiny special effects budget)! We also wanted to use a dimmer switch to show his change in emotion. Big thanks to our talented chief electrician/safety coordinator Steven Boessow for making that happen!

We connected Lightbulb Hands to a 100ft extension cord and marched up and down 4th Ave in Olympia, WA. We were quite the scene! It was a really fun time shooting this and working with such a talented artist. Be sure to check out Double B's music and don't miss a chance to see Double B & TJ Laces live; they rock a killer set!!