Olympia Film Society presents Repeal Prohibition Celebration Day

On Dec. 5, 1933, Americans regained the freedom to imbibe! Repeal Day is fast becoming a nationally celebrated holiday, yesterday was the 81st anniversary celebration with an evening of live music, burlesque, craft cocktails, and costumes from the time of Prohibition. Local craft bartenders created pre- Prohibition era cocktails while live music filled the 1924 movie palace! Performances by members of Olympia’s own TUSH! Burlesque were amazing! Check out the night in pictures.

The Uncluded at the Olympia Timberland Library

Tonight was the first stop for The Uncluded Tour where almost 700 people turned out for a free, all-ages show at the Olympia Timberland Library. It was truly a unique and amazing experience with all types of young and old in attendance. Aesop Rock & Kimya Dawson put on a raw performance in a quirky environment that suited their sound so perfectly. If you haven't heard their album Hokey Fright yet, I suggest you check it out. Keep scrolling to see a video of them performing live on KEXP last year.

Nani Poonani as the Mad Hatter

Our good friend Nani Poonani is performing at the Capitol Theater with Stripped Screw Burlesque in the production Disney After Dark on April 12th at 8pm. Nani is bursting with character and has a great routine you won't want to miss! If you ever thought you might like to see a burlesque show, this is the one for you. Shout out to Shelby Rude for the hat, which happens to be from my 'Rude Hatter' shoot years ago! I think they're a perfect fit. If you make it out to the show and want to smell nice be sure to pick up a bottle of homemade Wiggle fragrance from her Etsy shop. Go Nani!

She's My Hip Hop Music Video BTS

Last weekend we spent two days in beautiful downtown Olympia shooting with the incredibly talented Marcel Sky Hatter, one part of the hip hop group La Swagga. He recently released a solo mixtape project called Truth Music and we worked together on a cool concept for a two part continuing story line music video. We hit up a bunch of spots shooting at Lids, Old School Pizza, Rainy day Records and the Reef. With a guest appearance from the funny boy Nate Jackson we caused quite a scene outside the Reef Lounge restaurant. Looking forward to sharing this video with you guys REAL soon as well as creating part 2 to the track Break Out, which we are shooting Mid-March. Check out more of Sky's music online at his Reverbnation.