Music Video: Head In The Clouds

Since the first time seeing Double B perform live, I was hooked on his energy and I was eager to collaborate with him on a music video. Bobby contacted me back in February to begin working on this project and I was stoked to say the least! We shot a little promo video for his Indiegogo campaign which was a success; huge thanks to all who gave their support financially! Then we sat down a few times to go over the amazing concept Bobby had.

Bobby really put some thought into the main character, "Lightbulb Hands" and
how we could capture the heart of the track. We needed to figure out how to rig up the main character with some lightbulb hands (on a tiny special effects budget)! We also wanted to use a dimmer switch to show his change in emotion. Big thanks to our talented chief electrician/safety coordinator Steven Boessow for making that happen!

We connected Lightbulb Hands to a 100ft extension cord and marched up and down 4th Ave in Olympia, WA. We were quite the scene! It was a really fun time shooting this and working with such a talented artist. Be sure to check out Double B's music and don't miss a chance to see Double B & TJ Laces live; they rock a killer set!!

She's My Hip Hop Music Video BTS

Last weekend we spent two days in beautiful downtown Olympia shooting with the incredibly talented Marcel Sky Hatter, one part of the hip hop group La Swagga. He recently released a solo mixtape project called Truth Music and we worked together on a cool concept for a two part continuing story line music video. We hit up a bunch of spots shooting at Lids, Old School Pizza, Rainy day Records and the Reef. With a guest appearance from the funny boy Nate Jackson we caused quite a scene outside the Reef Lounge restaurant. Looking forward to sharing this video with you guys REAL soon as well as creating part 2 to the track Break Out, which we are shooting Mid-March. Check out more of Sky's music online at his Reverbnation.

Behind The Scenes: Celebrate Tonight By Allen Stone

We recently had the pleasure of working with incredible director Jon-Jon Augustavo, shooting behind the scenes for Seattle musician Allen Stone's new music video!

There was an amazing team around Jon-Jon that day to help make the magic happen. Producer Honna Kimmerer did a top notch job coordinating the day on set. Assistant Director Adam Leeman was fantastic at keeping things moving and the energy up throughout the shoot. Finally, Lauren Fejarang did a knock-out job of transforming the basement of the Freemont Abbey into the coolest retirement home you've ever seen! Allen & the band brought a really cool vibe to the day, dressed in their Sunday best. There were many "older/wiser" extras on set that had a blast dancing and singing to the music; many of them told us it was a real highlight to be involved in the project.

It was very heart warming to see plenty of smiles and laughter on set while filming Celebrate Tonight! Keep your eyes peeled for Newspin Films' behind-the-scenes video which will be dropping soon, and take a look at these shots to get a preview of our day!