Ten Hundred | Reincarnated

If you didn't already know, some of the most dope, original art and music is coming out of the Northwest as it has for years, people are just starting to pay more attention to the upper left coast lately. Somebody that more and more people are paying attention to is Peter Robinson, AKA P Smoov (of Fresh Espresso & MAD RAD) AKA Ten Hundred (painter, creator, maker, dreamer). He has been a major player in the NW music scene and has been making waves with his unique art style and approach. He paints over old canvases and covers them with vibrant, offbeat characters from another universe, such as the Watcher - a diamond shaped creature who sees all that unfolds in this alternate reality. Previously, we did a short film for Peter where we followed the creation of a piece from start to finish in 48 hours. He teamed up with us again to document the creation and preparation for one of his biggest shows yet, Ten Hundred- Reincarnated. We shot for three days over the course of a month to show some the intricacies of putting on a show of this caliber. The check video link below the photos; in the meantime, here are some behind-the-scenes shots leading up to the Ten Hundred art show. 

Noah Gundersen Ledges Tour

Recently, we had the opportunity to follow Noah Gundersen around on tour for his new album Ledges. We covered major stops on the west coast leg, including The Neptune, The Doug Fir and The Trobadour - all of which sold out. It was incredible to see Noah perform in front of 1100 people in Seattle and bring the room to a hush. You could practically hear a pin drop. The album is dark, brooding and bursting with raw emotion and heartfelt expression; his live performance reflected that perfectly. It felt like years of counseling in 55 minutes! Be sure to give Ledges a listen in it's entirety.