New Queens On The Block

Jenny Shaw, the owner of the Urban Onion in downtown Olympia, asked me to do event coverage at a drag show last Friday. I had never been to a drag show so I wasn't sure what to expect. Turns out - it's AWESOME! My senses were soaking up all the frivolity in the place. There were dangerous levels of fabulous, yes, also beauty, courage, and proud celebration. It was a sex-positive environment and the audience was very diverse, with all kinds of people represented.

Each Queen who performed entered boldly with authority, performing power ballad lip-dubs and mesmerizing dance moves. As supportive fans tipped money and cheered them on, the incredible performers left their hearts on the stage. I was very impressed with the way they moved the audience and commanded attention.

The New Queens are a group with lots of talent! Be sure to catch them next month at the Urban Onion. (I hear they'll be doing a Comic-Con themed night!!!)