Nani Poonani

We had an amazing time last Friday doing promo shots for my good friend Nani Poonani. She is an amazing burlesque performer and part of Olmypia's Own TUSH! burlesque troupe. These shots are a little sneak peek at her routine she will be performing at Morbid Curiousitease presents Bombshelter Burlesque & Catastrophe Cabaret on 4/20 at the Jewelbox Theater. If you haven't seen Nani perform you are missing out. 

She's My Hip Hop Music Video BTS

Last weekend we spent two days in beautiful downtown Olympia shooting with the incredibly talented Marcel Sky Hatter, one part of the hip hop group La Swagga. He recently released a solo mixtape project called Truth Music and we worked together on a cool concept for a two part continuing story line music video. We hit up a bunch of spots shooting at Lids, Old School Pizza, Rainy day Records and the Reef. With a guest appearance from the funny boy Nate Jackson we caused quite a scene outside the Reef Lounge restaurant. Looking forward to sharing this video with you guys REAL soon as well as creating part 2 to the track Break Out, which we are shooting Mid-March. Check out more of Sky's music online at his Reverbnation.

Erev Rav

We did a quick promo shoot with the high energy and quirky Erev Rav.  They are a lively bunch, definitely bringing that cool vibe and good energy to the stage. We will be shooting a video with them in March and it will be a hoot! Look for that soon, meanwhile check out Erev Rav's music and make sure to catch one of their shows this year!