Ten Hundred Art Movement

I spent the early part of this week shooting a mini documentary of Peter Robinson, and his art as the painter Ten Hundred. I was super stoked to get this chance since I have also been a huge fan of his rapping/producer work as P Smoov (Mad Rad & Fresh Espresso) in the Seattle area.

Peter's Ten Hundred art is made over strange paintings/canvases found in thrift shops or friends' living rooms. Over these canvases he creates weird, vibrant creatures using bold paints & India ink markers. For two days, I had the amazing opportunity to watch the gradual makings of a masterpiece! The piece sold within 24 hrs for $500. 

The whole experience of seeing the Ten Hundred art process from start to finish was incredible. Peter & I said goodbye over a game of Ping Pong, in which he put the hurt on me. What a guy! Be sure to check out Ten Hundred art, and look out for the mini documentary coming soon; it's really something to see in person!!