Let us "Blow Ya Mind" with The Muzes

Like many projects of our projects as of late, the day starts before the sunrise and long after the sun goes down. Red first met The Muzes at the show SUGAR! Which took place in Olympia, hosted by the one and only Heddie Leonne. Hearing the Muzes music and meeting the ladies behind the music we knew we had to work with them.

Kelley Mak and Jaeda are powerhouses in hip hop independently, so when fate led them to one another at a festival in 2013, joining forces and creating the duo, "The Muzes", happened as organically as their introduction. With musical resumes lending an impressive trail, The Muzes have shared stages and mics with underground heroes and hip hop legends.

Jaeda, an Inland Empire, WA native is signed to Abstract Rude's label Keep the Feel. She's sugar and spice and will snatch your mic, this experienced performer will blow your mind with a live electronic band, intoxicating instrumentals, or acapellas. She oozes passion from her pores and always leaves you wanting more.

Kelley Mak, reigning from the Inland Empire in Southern CA, is a part of the House of Vibe All Stars. She brings the sultry side of hip hop to life with lyrical theatrics and raspy undertones and draws in her audience with wit and and that "good friend vibe.”

When working with a group while they are on tour, the biggest hurdle you face is scheduling. Hence the 4am morning and a drive to Spokane to catch the girls on a day off between shows. Each time we have been to Spokane for work we find something new, this time we found the Red Room. We can’t thank the Red Room enough, they opened their doors and allowed us full reign of the space for the afternoon. A cast of characters came out in full support as well. It was difficult to tell if life was imitating art, or the other way around, but the fans and friends fit the look of the project flawlessly.    

Heres a little peek into the day. Video after the jump!