Nissan Fest 2015!

A 5am start to make it up to Evergreen Speedway in Monroe WA and get ready for the day, Nissan Fest 2015, the annual event hosted by Northwest Nissans. By 10am the track is set, the drivers are ready to go and the media team finishes their safety meeting. There is some apprehension when you start the day by signing your life away to the powers that be; although it might also be an indication of the awesome experience that awaits.

I have been shooting for many years in lots of crazy situations; this was a new one and a lot of quick learning in the moment. A huge thanks to Jason Zimmer and the crew at Northwest Nissans for the opportunity and for the guys on the track for the tips and tricks to shooting drift photography.

The day kicked off with the autocross event; the technical course proved to be both changeling and confusing as many drivers got lost in the twist and turns. Horsepower and speed were less of a factor as 2 of the top 3 cars were Datsun 280 Z’s.

As the afternoon approached, the grandstands filled up and the drift competition got underway. It doesn’t take long for it to feel normal to have cars fly by sideways at high speeds and you get into a grove of enjoying the rush and capturing the moment. You are quickly snapped back into the reality of the situations when wheel weight shoots off a car and narrowly misses you or a traffic cone is kicked up in your general direction. Near misses keep you on your toes and humble in a situation that is always testing what it means to be in control.

“Never exceed your limits. You push the envelope and you live for those moments when you’re right on the edge, but you don’t go over.” I was reminded of this quote throughout the day watching these guys push the boundaries. Check out some of the shots of the day, thanks to new friends and the great experience. Can’t wait to be out on the track again soon.